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What to Expect From a Holistic Drug Rehab

Substance abuse is a serious problem that affects a person’s physical, emotional and behavioral health. It is a very common misconception that marijuana is a better alternative to drug rehab, but there is actually more to rehab than simply drug treatment. It is important to note that many people in treatment are suffering from co-occurring mental disorders. Treatment programs for substance abuse have evolved over the years and are now more holistic and people-centered. These programs mirror daily life rather than a clinical setting.

Drug rehabs focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, not just on addiction. They also help their patients understand the nature of their addictions and develop tools to overcome them. They also help them learn to handle stress and avoid situations that trigger relapse. Many people who undergo rehab are able to regain sobriety faster than if they try to quit on their own.

Peer support groups are also a great way to help a newly recovering individual deal with their addiction. They will learn from the experience and support of other people who are also overcoming addiction. In addition to offering encouragement and accountability, these groups also allow the patient to help other people on their own journey to sobriety. Check out this service for guaranteed satisfaction.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, drug rehab may include different phases. A residential treatment program will generally involve a longer stay, whereas an outpatient program will be shorter and less intense. Typically, a person will attend residential treatment for about 30 days to a year. The first month of treatment will be used to establish a baseline for reintegration. After that, patients can return home and gradually gain back their independence.

Many drug rehab centers will offer frequent individual counseling. These sessions may be held daily and help the patient better understand their addiction and the emotional reasons behind it. Additionally, many rehab centers provide group therapy to help the patient share their feelings with their fellow patients. Because addiction is a chronic disease, the addict will often continue to seek individual therapy and support groups in order to keep up the recovery process.

An addiction treatment program will also incorporate holistic and complementary therapies. Alternative therapies include yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, massage and other therapies that promote mental and physical health. These therapies may help a person overcome their addiction and live a happy and productive life. This type of therapy is not only beneficial for the addict, but also for the addict’s family.

Another option for treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy is often used at Sunrise Native Recovery center and has a high rate of success in helping people overcome their addictive behaviors. During this treatment, patients are encouraged to confront their emotions and confront their fears. They can also be taught how to avoid the triggers that cause them to relapse, thereby helping them become sober for good.

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